M is for Missing? (aka, where the hell did you go?)

So, I have been sick.  Throughout most of April, I had stupid allergy eye that made me both sleepy and also made it hard for me to focus on my computer screen for extended periods of time.  My eyes hurt like a bastard.

Then, as soon as that was going to clear up, I got a terrible sinus infection.  Now I can’t breathe (or taste anything, which is worse, imo) and have basically been lying around the house feeling sorry for myself.

I haven’t gone away or given up on the project; I’ve mostly just been wallowing in my own misery.  I am seeing a doctor to try to get this allergy and sinus stuff cleared up, though.

Speaking of cooking, it’s time to go steam my face in the hopes that I’ll either turn into a lobster or my sinuses will drain.  (Delicious!)  I did just want to check in and let everyone know I’m still here.

2 thoughts on “M is for Missing? (aka, where the hell did you go?)

  1. Glad to know that while I have been absent from reading blogs due to the fact that it intimidates me when Google Reader stops even bothering keeping track of how many unread items there are building up I haven’t missed any good posts on your food blog! Sorry, though, to hear that you are not feeling well.

    If the congestion is still an issue I suggest trying out a neti pot. It is the grossest thing I’ve ever thought about or done or felt, but it is amazing when you can breathe clearly once again.

    • I actually have a neti pot! I need to start using it.. for awhile, I was so completely stopped up that the neti pot literally did nothing. The water had nowhere to go!

      I need to get to food posting again . . . . . . now that I’m so far out of the habit, it’s hard to get back to it (aka it’s embarrassing that I am so far behind, hah). Good to see you!

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