About the Project

Update: I’ve been terrible at updating this on time–with school and other stuff going on, it’s been a challenge.  I am still doing this project, but I will now be updating less often when I’m in school (probably more often this summer).

Anybody who knows me, or who has read any of my blogs online, followed my Twitter, or talked to me for five minutes is probably aware that I am in love with food.  I love everything about food.  Even though I was expected by everyone to do something smart for a living, like become a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer, after 10 years of hemming and hawing, I decided to dump all of that and follow my passion for cooking and experiencing food.  I enrolled in community college to get a jump start with a foodservice management degree, and I’ve been tickled pink ever since.

One of my classes led me to purchase a book, The Deluxe Food Lover’s Companion published by Barron’s.

I love and adore this book.  There is a wealth of food information within–not recipes or how-to’s, but definitions and background information.  I didn’t even use it for class, but I find myself picking it up often; whenever I have a few moments to myself, I pick a letter and browse, finding lots of useful, amusing, or surprising tidbits about food.  I’ve been blogging about food for quite a long time–since my MySpace days–but I’ve never had an actual food blog. Mostly, my posts about food are nestled between political posts, posts about my personal life, and whatever just happens to come into my brain.  As I was browsing this book earlier in the evening, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to blog about this book?  I could do a post for every letter and just highlight some of the neat stuff I find.”  I frowned, though, thinking that mixing in the food blogs with my usual mix of random posts might not reach all of the people who would find it interesting.  I have a tendency to write about some fairly polarizing issues.  What if people found my blog and were turned off by all of the other stuff that I write about?  Food is an issue that spans all belief systems, that matters to all walks of life.  I didn’t want to turn people away that I could connect with over dinner.

So, I decided to start a new blog.  And the Alphabet Cooking Project was born.  I plan to do 52 weeks of blogging this book (at least)–2 weeks per letter.  One post (or posts, depending on how interesting the section is) will be about the interesting things that I find under that particular letter, and for the second post, I will pick something starting with that letter that I haven’t cooked or worked with before and attempt to tackle it.

(Of course, sometimes plans go awry.  But I will do my double-damned best to keep up with this weekly blog.  Er, I will also try not to swear.  Too much.)

I’m going to kick this blog off in the first week of 2011.  I’ll see you then!