Neat Cooking Stuff

I don’t plan to put ads or anything like that on this site–my purpose isn’t to make money.  Of course, money is always nice–especially when you’re attending school full-time and taking out student loans to pay for it, and also dream of someday owning your own restaurant–so I’ve decided that, instead of putting up ads, I’m going to create an Amazon store full of cooking items that I like and that I discover during the course of reading this book.  If you see something that you want, I hope you’ll consider purchasing it through my Amazon store (or via the links from this page).  I’m only putting items on this page that I think are good items, though, so even if you plan to purchase through another retailer, this page is still worth browsing.

Note:  All items I have selected for my store won’t go on this page.  Here, I’m only putting the best of the best, the quirky, the interesting, and the essential.  At my Amazon store, you can find many more items, including a page dedicated solely to kitchen basics.


The Deluxe Food Lover’s Companion (Deluxe Edition)

This is the book that has kicked off the whole project.  From A to Z, it’s full of useful information; additionally, there are appendices which are grouped by category (beer, wine, cheese, sauces and stocks, etc.) and handy tables with measurements, ingredient substitutions, and more.  It’s a veritable food bible.



The Bread Baker’s Apprentice by Peter Reinhart

This is a book that my husband requested for Christmas one year, and it’s great.  Real bread-baking for people who want to learn the ins and outs of making good bread.  (Their lavash recipe is also very tasty.)





Cooking Tools

I plan to make these sections far more fleshed out, but for now, I really wanted to add this:

Fred Pastasaurus

I really want a dinosaur pasta-serving fork.  I really really do.

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